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Tea Infuser Tea Strainer , 304 Stainless Steel Tea Filters for Loose Tea, with Drip Trays and Long Chain ,Sealed Thread Connection Premium Tea Strainer

  • Brand: KY
  • Product Code: small ball link tea strainer
  • Availability: 100
Tags: tea infuser

About this item

·        Extra Fine MeshTea strainer for loose leaf tea. The dense small holes are evenly distributed, which can easily catch the tea leaves, and fast circulation speed. But can brew and filter thoroughly many types of tea, even the tea with very fine particles. It is smooth and doesn't scratch, with Homemaxs tea strainer, you can completely do without tea bags and make the tea taste better.

·        Sealed Thread Design Tea infuser adopts a thread connection and the sealing degree is super good. The rotating threaded lid can easily solve the problem of bayonet connection problem, and you will never see floating tea leaves in the tea cup. The clever thread design is easy to open and tighten in one second.

·        Stable BaseTea infuser can stand firmly in the cup and the teapot. Unlike other swinging tea strainers, it is not knocked down and is easy to take and place. And the chain with the hook will not only not slip into the tea water by swinging and thus prevents scalding,but also very suitable for teapots, kettles and cups of various sizes. The hook can be hung on the mouth of the cup as you like.

·        High Quality Stainless SteelOur tea strainer is made of FDA certified edible 304 stainless steel material, and it is safe to use. The sturdy and durable stainless steel tea infuser won’t deform and prevent rust and mildew. With tea strainer, you can make fragrant black tea, green tea and other loose tea together with your family.

·        Easy to Clean Tea filter can be cleaned directly with clean water and is dishwasher safe. Keep it dry after cleaning.

Product Details
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 15 pound
Packaging option 1 per box

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